What do the best Salespeople know that YOU don’t ?

Marketing And Sales

“People don’t like being sold to, but they love to buy” – Jeffrey Gitomer

The best salespeople understand this quote and use it to their advantage in every interaction. The way they do it is finding ways to add value in every prospect interaction. Without fail, whether it’s a demo call, follow-up email, pricing conversation, or post-sale, the best reps simply find ways to make their prospects lives better. As a result, the top salespeople might be characterized as Couches more than “sellers”.

  1. Educate and show value in your proposition.
  2. Do the Math pal, Sending personalized, tactical content based on their specific industry, pain points, etc.. that can help them in their day-to-day.
  3. Most of the time your client don’t know what value you can add to their service. Explain solution for the pain points, which prospects didn’t even know.

The core trait that all of these tactics share is a complete understanding of the customer they are selling toIn this way, the top salespeople have traits more commonly associated with folks from UX, Product Management, or Marketing in addition to those commonly associated with Sales.

There’s really no secret to being a successful top salesperson. It only requires a rare mix of skills. “Reading” and “listening” to your clients, knowing how to teach complex products in simple terms, knowing when to close or refuse a deal are the most important.

Fixed deposit (FD) calculation is very complicated, but any one can invest with out even thinking twice. It is simplified and explained in such a way to us.

Don’t abuse trust. If the sales don’t fit, don’t take the money. Money is a measure of belief and trust.

Making a career in sales ?

As potential candidates who are entering the field of sales/marketing always remember to pay close attention. Do not be misled, your accent, your hair, your fricking product, whether the guy needs it or not… has no bearing on your success rate.

There are 4 famous cornerstones of selling, 

  1. Listen: listen to the guy, identify his objection, address it, box him into a corner.
  2. Abc: always be closing
  3. Have no fear: That’s right, fear, is what holds back many salesmen, ask any unsuccessful salesman or a successful one, he will tell you. Your Skills can over power fear, so improve your skills. Fear will vanish automatically.
  4. Excitement: without this, you are dead. Arguably if you Just have this one quality, and nothing else, not even same language speech, you have a good shot of succeeding.

The mark of a great salesman is his ability to sell you something, you do NOT need.

This is logic, “it doesn’t take a great salesman to sell me shoes if I’m barefoot.”

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