7 Rope Climbing activity Kits for Kids

Are your kids up for the challenge?

They would be in for an exciting adventure with the climbing rope set. Your Children and the neighbor’s children love playing on any ladder. Attach it to backyard play structure and the children will be amused for quite some time. Hung it on to a large tree.

Rope climbing is one of the best upper-body strength exercises that can help hone your kids’ balancing skills and develop their muscle coordination and endurance.

The rope ladder is a great addition to an existing outdoor play set. The rope ladder can be attached to a jungle gym, a swing set, or even to a tree in the backyard. Usually, a good quality ladder will last for years to come.
High-quality durable rope along with finely sanded wooden rungs for durability and comfort of climbing. The rope ladder swing set attachment can be attached at both the bottom and the top for additional stability. Install using the Heavy Duty Swing Hanger Kit by Squirrel Products.

Foster Creativity

By adding the Climbing Rope Ladder as one of your next swing set accessories your child can be a pirate on the high seas searching for treasure, pillaging, and plundering. Maybe they are on a jungle adventure with the Swiss Family Robinson. How are they going to reach their tree house? The Rope Ladder of course! The possibilities are endless.

Kids Wood Playground Play Set (http://amzn.to/2kPoqjI)

There are two installation methods available. If you are installing “to the wall” the minimum height requirement is 92.9 inches. If you are installing the set via “thrust apart” approach the minimum requirement is 93.7 inches. Which allows it to stand between your ceiling and the floor without any drilling or screwing.Wall Rope Climb

It’s very sturdy item and looks great in a room.
The assembly instructions are included. It will take you 4-5 hours if you’re working alone.
Also, this may go without saying but you’ll need at least one vertical stud inside the wall for the unit to be bolted onto. Wall rope Climb

WallBarz Nets (http://amzn.to/2nOMHHS)

WALLBARZ Nets is a new generation climbing nets, boasting innovative & transformative design, increased playing surfaces, three types of installation, easy assembly as well as hours of fun and games for your children. WALLBARZ Nets is a perfect choice for the families with children in apartments and private homes Allowable weight: 220 pounds Floor to Ceiling Size Requirements: Min 89.5″ – Max 118″

Wall Rope Climb Wall Rope Climb 4

Triangular Rope Ladder from Sunnyplaygrounds (http://amzn.to/2iLaNxI)

Outdoor and Indoor Playgrounds set Accessories for Kids, 

  • 6 Feet Long
  • With 14″ Bars and 3/8 Polypropylene Rope
  • Top Quality
  • Can be hung from a Frame, Tree or a Ceiling.
  • Promotes Balance, Strength , and Endurance.


Triangular Rope Ladder is a great climbing accessory that promotes coordination, balance, and strength. Can be easily added to Play Sets and Swing Sets. Made out of durable nylon rope and wooden Bars. It is approximately 72 inches long and 14 inches wide. Weight Limit: 150 lbs.


6 ft. Climbing Rope Ladder for Kids – Swing Set (http://amzn.to/2kh89QU)

The Climbing Rope Ladder is one of the classic swing set accessories, a must have! Teach hand-over-hand climbing in the ease and comfort of your own backyard.

The Climbing Rope Ladder will bring hours of fun and get your kids outside and be active. Use it to access their tree house. Make it part of a backyard obstacle course. The possibilities are endless.

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The rope ladder is made of 6 smooth wooden rungs attached with a durable nylon braided rope for sturdy climbing. Complete with 2 metal rings for easy installation. Install using the Heavy Duty Swing Hanger Kit by Squirrel Products.

6ft rope ladder with 6 wooden ladder rungs, attaches both at the top and bottom for easy climbing. Safe enough to leave the bottom free hanging to add challenge for the older kids.


NiroSport Kids Playground (http://amzn.to/2kh8R0w)

This set is a gymnastics device for a harmonious development of children and adults. The simplicity and reliability of the design enable a quick set-up and removal of any configuration. The device is used by bracing without the use of drilling machines, hammer, and nails.

The kid’s gym playground set is intended for training the children under domestic conditions. It is a stand bracing construction made of tubes which are tensioned between floor and ceiling and can be easily assembled and disassembled.WallRopeClimb9

Highest quality and safety also with screwed connections and to prevent injured brackets. All steel parts of the wall bars galvanically treated, 2-layer powder coated/galvanized and offer excellent rust protection and long durability.

We attach great importance to quality in detail: climbing rope made of 100% cotton, the wooden parts are made of 100% birch! With our toys, muscles and joints are strengthened, balance and responsiveness are trained and the metabolism is started.


aGreatLife’s climbing rope feels soft to the touch but is tough enough for your little climbers. It’s also thick enough and comes with a strong wooden platform base to allow a good grip while climbing.

This sturdy climbing rope comes with a metal ring so you can easily attach it to any swing set. It also has 5 half-round wooden platforms your kids can step on to allow them to have greater success as they climb their way to the top.


The rope is made of soft material that’s perfect for small hands. Suitable for children weighing up to 150 lbs. Adult supervision is recommended.




Climbing Cargo Net (http://amzn.to/2khxgCZ)

Perfect fit for our DIY playset that stands off the ground about 6 feet and has an 8 ft wide “fort.” I secured it over the half wall on the back and had plenty of room to secure with big eye screws to the bottom with large knots. I think I only had to cut off about 4-5 inches to cut off of the end ropes without having to touch the net part. The kids can easily get up on the net and scamper up.


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