How to Learn SALES ?

How to Learn Sales

The best way to learn how to sell is to get out there and do it

In the same way you learn how to play football by going out and playing the game, not reading a how to guide. There is no substitute for practical learning, and someone standing in front of a room of potential sales people isn’t going to help as most of the time you aren’t going to remember what they said in a sales situation anyway. In your first few sales meetings, you probably won’t even realise which sales technique to use, and if you’re thinking about what the guy in the seminar said, you aren’t going to be thinking about your customer and their requirements.

Buy yourself a book or two by all means – I’d start with anything by Zig Ziglar, and you might also pick up a copy of Getting To Yes by Roger Fisher and William Ury which I have found useful.  It doesn’t matter if they aren’t new copies, as you’re going to write in them anyway, and they’ll be the most dog-eared books that you own before you’re through. Read them, then try out a few of the suggestions in a live sales meeting to see how they feel and what works for you.

The more you sell, the better you’ll be at it.  Be personable, don’t lie or make things up – if you don’t know, tell them you don’t know but be sure to get back to them with the answer.  Believe in your product, and know everything there is to know about it. Be enthusiastic. Smile. Know your customer – do your research beforehand.

If you haven’t seen Glengarry Glen Ross then you would do well to watch it as it will show you all sorts of different sales styles, some good, some not so. It’s up to you what sales style you adopt, but I’ve met all these types of characters over the years and it depends on your product and your price point as to the type of personality to which your customer will respond best.

Sales is a direct form of marketing where you convince another party via your communications to take the actions you want them to take such as buy your “product”.

In order to be successful at this you need to:

  1. Understand who you are selling to. Their wants, desires, needs from both a personal and professional standpoint.
  2. Understand what you are selling and how that compares to what is on the market today and to what your targets currently have.
  3. Be able to use the information from 1&2 to create a motivating and actionable story that aligns your targets wants and desires into a core competency of whatever it is you are selling
  4. Be likable. You can be the best sales person/storyteller in the world, but if people don’t like you they are not going to buy anything from you.

To learn how to be a better sales person, start small.

If you have kids or family members that do, ask them what toy they want for the next gift giving occasion. Then do your research on the market place and find another toy on the opposite end of the spectrum.

Then create a story as to why this toy is better than the one the child originally wanted and use it to convince the child to change their minds. Try a variety of angles from popularity to monetary discount.

If you can successfully change that child’s mind, then move it. Find a teenager and convince them to buy a different brand of clothes. Get a coworker to go to fast food chain X instead of Y. Get your spouse to change soaps or lotions. As you improve try different communication channels such as text and email and see how people respond to those. Try different tactics such as a one time direct pitch where you only have one chance vs dropping subtle informational hints over a period of time.

Then, try this with people you don’t know. Go to your local watering hole and try to befriend the person who only drinks Jameson and convince them to drink Jack Daniels. Strike up conversations with random people and see if they stick around to talk with you or they just run away. Figure out why and change your approach. Learn how to read their body language, tone and language.

These are the perfect low impact training techniques you need to hone the craft of segmentation, marketing, storytelling, being likability, that you will never learn out of a book and it will help you become a much more nimble and effective sales person.

ales is all about understanding customer’s psychology,needs and how can we cater to them accordingly. Creating a circle of influence is really vital to push your leads towards the end of sales funnel.

Whether it’s a sales manager or a freshman sales representative, there’s one thing they will always have in common: being a good salesman.

Acing sales is not only a matter of high green numbers but also remembering that from time to time and making sure that we’re not just being a good salesperson but also a good person as well.