Please tell me brief details about GST registration and return filing?

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    I am getting the GST rates and GST rules from online. I need to know what are the rules are important at the time of registration. I want more explanation about the GST registration in online. I want help from you. It is very urgent for me. Please tell me what are the methods are available to applying.
    Apply new business registration card online is possible for all. It is very simple and easy for me. I am getting more knowledge and related information in online. I have collect more types of documents and resources from online.
    I am recording all types of information in my mail id. I have shared those types of information to my friends. GST related documents and GST registration documents are available. What are the types of documents are needed for filing the GST returns? I am collecting the more types of documents and researching points from my friends.
    I need the list of points and required materials to know about the fully GST registration. Special knowledge and needed details are available in article. I want that article and getting all GST rates for the products.
    I need to make some of GST returns and great business details are available in those documents. I am also needed for those. Please share me and tell me the respective points and needed matters here. I am getting more benefits for sharing discussions. I want arguments and answer about my question.
    What is GST return filing method? Did you have any idea about that? I want more information and money related works that related to the GST. If you have getting any experience for GST return filing? Please tell me more here. I am available in online chat and you can post the answer here also. Thank you.
    I am getting some of points and needed details from my father. He is also told me more tricks and steps for using that online application. Great points and good documents are needed for tracking the sources

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