How to fix your fear of cold calling ?


Most of us have at least some resistance to cold calling.

You can fix your fear of cold calling by using the following three steps and a couple of tips.

Step One

Do your research on your ideal clients starting with

  • finding the organizations that meet your criteria
  • finding the name and number of the best contact
  • Latest update about the person you bona call
  • Latest news update about the company

The best approach is getting an introduction into your prospect from one of your existing customers.

You now have a list of your prospects personal name, company name and number. You also have an idea of what the company does and how you may be able to help them.

Step Two

Prepare and plan your calls. Prepare a script for every potential type of call you will be making such as a referral script or a cold call script. The call need not to be the exact script, but having a out line is a great help. Start with a script so that it gives you a structure and a reminder of what you need to cover on the call. Practice the script few times, you will be fluent with the key points.

However, it is good to start with a script but, why should you?

The answer is

  • To know exactly what you are going to say in your opening statement to arouse interest so that you get into a conversation
  • To have questions to identify issues and opportunities
  • To have answers ready from their questions
  • To know how to respond

You should also decide on a goal or goals for each call. Think about the next step goal, no need to go all the way. They could be to

  • Establish a need now or in the future
  • Find the right person
  • Make an appointment
  • Get agreement when to call back

Schedule one hour for cold calls with thirty names on the list. It may be that you only speak to four or five people that are real genuine conversations.

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Step Three

Get over your fear

Firstly, if you can find somewhere you can get a bit of space and away from distractions.

Then pick the phone up and dial. You have your script/guideline and just go ahead. You may be nervous for the first few calls before you get into your stride. What will surprise you is that if you stick at it you will start to enjoy it, well maybe not enjoy it but feel as though you are in control and doing some valuable sales work.


  • Give yourself achievable targets that are relatively easy to hit. This will build up your confidence so that you can increase the number of calls you make.
  • Also keep a record of your calls, how long you cold calling session lasted, how many you called, how many you spoke to, number of real conversations, number of meetings, number of opportunities, number of orders.
  • Stand up during your call as for me it makes me feel more confident and stops me from hunching over your desk.
  • Your voice should be clear, confident and loud enough to be heard but quiet enough to be listened to.

You can improve your phone skills and importantly generate new opportunities. Plan, prepare and pick up the phone and you might surprise yourself with your success.

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