The difference between Autism and Asperger’s ?

Its quite common that you may have many questions once your child is diagnosed. One common question is about the differences between High functioning autism and Aspergers. Although Autism and Aspergers are both on the autism spectrum, there are differences that distinguish high level autism from aspergers. It is seen that high functioning Autism and Aspergers tend to be misunderstood as they have many similarities. Both People with Autism and Aspergers are identified to have difficulties in behavioural settings.
Asperger Syndrome and high-functioning autism are often referred to as the same diagnosis. While they currently exist as two separate diagnoses, there is an ongoing debate about whether that is necessary. In the future, it may be possible that they may be combined into one category. There is no clear biomarker or genetic test which can define or separate autism and Asperger’s disorder.THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AUTISM AND ASPERGER’S ?


At the young age, people with Asperger‘s syndrome do not experience any delay in language development and hence its hard to identify early. Autism can be diagnosed early as there will be delay in the language development even if it is High functioning Autism. This is key differences between Autism and Aspergers. It is common for children with aspergers to own associate degree obsession with random things. Children with autism tend to own stronger connections with certain things, but it’s not on the extent of obsession. Though the likelihood is low, children with aspergers are brilliant, even though they struggle with communication. However, the main target of aspergers shouldn’t specialise in characteristic the incapacity with intelligence levels, however instead one ought to specialise in the 3 areas that are used to diagnose children with this syndrome: how they socialize, communicate, and behave. Thanks for your time in reading this blog. We hope this article gave you some informative content.

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