Aquarium Care: Basic Steps to follow

Feed Multiple Diet

● 2 Times feeding in Day morning 8 am and evening at 8 pm.

Like basic pellets, spirulina flakes, frozen foods, Fried foods, Always feed quality brand food which contains proper diet for every fish.

● 50% Aquarium Water Change must need on Every Sunday. Clean filter spongs regularly. Use Tap water and then add water conditioners regularly.

● Minimum 8 hours light need for every fish.

● Replace Air tubes, Air Stones, Filter Spong after 6-8 months will help to maintain oxygen level in your tank.

● Ideal Temperature is around 28 for all Fishes. Maintained temperature with Thermometer and heater.

● Daily Spend Half an hour with your Fishes. It helps to know how’s ur fishes grooming. Both Fish and owner get to interact with each other.

● Update your tank size as per fish size it helps to get the best Tank environment to your fish for moving, Swimming properly without any stress. Avoid Overcrowded fishes in one small Tank

● Every 2 months need deworming to all fishes. Please deworms your fish.

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