9 Must must know in Sales

9 things in Sales

Interesting Stats about Selling that every person should know :

1.  The best time to cold call is between 4:00-5:00pm.  The second best is 8:00-10:00am. The worst times are 11:00am and 2:00pm.
Cold calling businesses is an important factor of winning over prospective clients, but it is also important to know when you should be making these calls. (InsideSales and Kellogg School of Business)
2.  Thursday is the best day to prospect.  Wednesday is the second best day.  Tuesday is the worst day.
Mondays are crazy catching up from the weekend, and Fridays can sometimes be a lost cause with weekend plans on everyone’s mind. (InsideSales)
3.  In 2007 it took an average of 3.68 cold call attempts to reach a prospect.  Today it takes 8 attempts.
And don’t misunderstand the difference between making a connection and chasing a connection. (TeleNet and Ovation Sales Group)
4.  80% of sales require 5 follow-up calls after the meeting.  44% of sales people give up after 1 follow-up.
replicate the real life senario. The more you meet a person the more your familiar with the person. (The Marketing Donut)
5.  After a presentation, 63% of attendees remember stories.  Only 5% remember statistics.
Use the theory, images stays in memory than words. Include short story telling in your call. (Chip and Dan Heath)
6.  70% of people make purchasing decisions to solve problems.  30% make decisions to gain something.
So the main focus of a sales person is to solve the problem not to sell the product. (Impact Communications)
7.  Each year, you’ll lose 14% of your customers.
You should keep increasing the prospects and keep the funnel bigger. (BusinessBrief)
8.  Prospects that buy have 58% more objections than prospects who don’t.  Learn to appreciate objections as they provide opportunities to solve customer problems.
The ancient rule : Objections are not rejections, its just lack of information.
9.  The #1 reason Customers buy from you isn’t service, selection, quality or price — it’s your confidence!
A sale person is the representative of the company, if he himself not confident about the product who will ? (Guerilla Selling)

What is Cald Call ?

Cold calling is defined as the solicitation of business from potential customers, who have had no prior contact with the salesperson conducting the call. Cold calling is used to attempt to convince potential customers to purchase either the salesperson’s product or service. Cold calling is generally referred to as an over-the-phone process, making it a source of telemarketing, but can also be done in-person by door-to-door salespeople. Though cold calling can be used as a legitimate business tool, scammers can use cold calling as well.